London Fashion Week- Day 2 accessories

Day 2 of LFW S/S'17 and we are rocking the 'eclectic blue' theme. We have had Ane Brun's undertow song on good! For those that are feeling whimsical, Kailijumei's gold foil flower jelly lipstick is a perfect accessory, it conjures up Disney's Beauty and the beast with the beautiful flower encased within. Circles are our shape for today, which can be spotted on the Balenciaga oxfords and our very own 'Citrine wonder'. Explore and get inspired by mixing patterns with block and complimentary colours. Our mantra for today?! Everything is going to be amazing....of course!xx



1. Tilayo Zenith Scarf

2. Soul food:- Ane Brun 'Undertow'

3. Kailijumei gold foil flower jelly lipstick

4. Dior darling blue nail lacquer

5. Saint Laurent sac université

6. Tilayo 'I & You'  drop earrings

7. Balenciaga perforated oxfords

8. Tilayo 'Citrine wonder' structural ring


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